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I-​VIII Classes School from Bacel is a sub-​unit of the Gabor Aron I-​VIII Classes School from Chichis, Cov­asna county. The teach­ing lan­guage is Roman­ian and the edu­ca­tional forms are : full time, ele­men­tary and gram­mar school.

In short about our school

The first school in Bacel was estab­lished at the end of the year 1869 with 32 pupils.

In 1927, with the help of state and the local peo­ple, a new edi­fice was built as school, the build­ing that func­tions nowa­days, too. In the mean­time, there were built some classes and made ren­o­va­tions, there­fore, today exists seven classes in the building.

From the estab­lish­ment (1927) until now there were seven school­mas­ters, cur­rently Clau­dia Karda per­forms the func­tion of vice-​manager. Fur­ther­more, now in our school there are 11 pro­fes­sional edu­ca­tors and approx­i­mately 41 pupils. In our build­ing func­tions also the half part of the Kinder­garten from Bacel with a nor­mal programme.

Char­ac­ter­is­tics of the school

The wish of the edu­ca­tors in our school is to give pupil’s a basi­cal knowl­edge that makes pos­si­ble fur­ther edu­ca­tion. Because our school is sit­u­ated in a rural envi­ron­ment, the main con­cern of the edu­ca­tors from our school is to make pupils to care about spe­cific local pop­u­lar tra­di­tions. In order to real­ize this objec­tive, at the school fes­tiv­i­ties can’t miss the pop­u­lar dances, tra­di­tional songs.

Also with the occa­sions of Christ­mas and Easter, our pupils orga­nized activ­i­ties through which they pre­sented habits and local tra­di­tions: habits and tra­di­tions of Christ­mas, the paint­ing of the eggs in Easter, the fes­tiv­ity of fancy works.

Par­tic­u­lar activities

Yearly, there are sev­eral activ­i­ties in our school with the occa­sions of an impor­tant day: when it is Christ­mas we orga­nize spec­ta­cles in which we present spe­cific local tra­di­tions and Christ­mas car­ols; on the 15th of Feb­ru­ary at the lessons of Roman­ian lan­guage and lit­er­a­ture we pay homage to our National Poet, Mihai Emi­nescu ; with the occa­sion of 8th March pupils make cards, orga­nize artis­tic pro­grammes ; in Easter the eggs are painted, and at the end of the school year it is orga­nized the school year’s end cel­e­bra­tion. In the Kinder­garten with nor­mal pro­gramme also orga­nize cel­e­bra­tions in Christ­mas, Easter, the 8th of March and they put the accent on the pre­sen­ta­tions of the spe­cific local tra­di­tions, too.


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Numele si prenumele Clasa Sem­natura
Bobes Elena Loredana III.
Grig­oroaie Andreea III.
Moldovean Andrei III.
Neagu Lau­ren­tia Stefana III.
Patrin­jel Iliuta III.
Sos Mar­ian Costin III.
Taras Iulia Madalina III.
Tibuh Maria Anastasia III.
Czirmes Alexan­dra Elena IV.
Lungu Alexan­dru Gheorghe IV.
Negrea Elena Georgiana IV.
Negrea Maria Isabella IV.
Sto­ica Ion Marian IV.
Bobes Con­stan­tin Razvan V.
Con­drea Dumi­tra Filoftea V.
Patrin­jel Irina V.
Gerebenes Roberto V.
Colt Nadia Stefania VI.
Marin Ghe­o­rghe Cristian VI.
Negrea Con­stan­tin VI.
Negrea Ste­fan Claudiu VI.
Gerebenes Robert VI.
Czirmes Cristinel Ioan VII.
Dan Gean­ina Gabriela VII.
Dia­conu Ana Maria VII.
Grid­ian Raz­van Valentin VII.
Iuga Diana Elena VII.
Macas Ana­maria Petronela VII.
Marin Ion David VII.
Moldovean Alexan­dru Valentin VII.
Pas­tor Octa­vian Tiberiu VII.
Soar­vas Alexan­dru Ionut VII.
Sos Mihai Andrei VII.
Ticu­san Mihai Gabriel VII.
Ungurean Hen­ri­etta Boglarka VII.
Marin Ste­fan Alexandru VIII.
Negrea Maria VIII.
Manolea Anca Madalina VIII.
Grig­oroaie Bog­dan Darius I.
Comsa Andreea I.
Marin Maria Alexandra I.
Samoila Miruna Alexandra I.
Colt Maria Evelina II.
Gavrila Maria II.
Gavrila Rox­ana II.
Macas Iuliana Andreea Preg.
Stan­ciu Raul Andrei Preg.
Iuga Alexan­dra Maria Preg.
Miro­niuc Lucian Cosmin Preg.
Nagy Bela Iulian Preg.

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